Shoreline Community Acupuncture  -  Get In      Get Better
Please take a minute to read this introduction to our clinic and to our community. We are delighted that you are interested in joining us!  

What to expect at Shoreline Community Acupuncture (SCA)

Our relaxed, community setting 
In our clinic we use recliners; clustered in groups in a large, quiet, soothing space. Treatment time can vary from 20 minutes to 1 hour.  You chose how long you stay.   

Streamlined treatments
We make acupuncture affordable by treating multiple patients in an hour. We keep talking down to a minimum.  We rely on your input, medical history and 18 years of experience to decide how to treat you.   

Sliding scale
Our sliding scale is $25 - $50 per treatment. You decide what you can afford. SCA strives to make acupuncture affordable for you to come as often and for as long as needed in order to feel better! We do not bill insurance. We can provide you with a payment receipt for you to submit to your insurance.

Treatment add-ons

Cupping-$30 (15-30 minutes) ie: for painful and stagnant areas, chronic back pain.
Guasha (scraping) -$25 Stimulates immunity and relaxes tight and painful areas all over body.
Cranio-sacral Therapy $25- gentle technique for releasing connective tissue ie: neck pain due to whiplash.

Our Commitment to You

We want to make it possible for you to receive acupuncture regularly enough and long enough to get better and stay better.  We want our clinic to be convenient, affordable and welcoming to all people. We will provide a safe, comfortable environment with skilled practitioners.   

What We Need From You   


SCA does not provide primary care medicine. If you are worried that you might have a serious infection, a malignant growth, or an injury that won’t heal, please see your primary care physician.  We do provide complementary care for conditions which require a physician’s attention – for instance, we often treat patients for the side effects of chemotherapy.   


If we are busy, you may not get your favorite recliner.  Feel free to bring earplugs, a favorite pillow or blanket from home. If you need to finish at a certain time, please tell us when you check in. In general, if you feel done, open your eyes and give us a meaningful look – if your eyes are closed, we will let you rest.   

Community mindedness

The soothing atmosphere in our clinic exists because all of our patients create it by relaxing together. This requires minimal talking in the clinic space. Re-scheduling and making payment happens at the front desk BEFORE each treatment.  Please take all belongings with you back into the treatment room and please turn off your cell phone.  


On your first visit, your acupuncturist will suggest a course of treatment. Our suggestion may range from once a week to everyday. This suggestion is based on our experience with treating different kinds of conditions. Frequent, consistent treatments provide the best results.   
 Finally, we hope you enjoy your time here. We hope that Shoreline Community Acupuncture can be an important part of your community.


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