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Shoreline Community Acupuncture Prices  
New Patient
Add $25 for First Time Visit 

$25-$50 (60 minutes) Acupuncture Pay what you want. 

Package of 10 visits $225(Save $25) Exp. 1 year after purchase. 
Cupping$30 (Fire cupping 15-30 minutes) 

Gua Sha $25 (Muscle Friction technique that stimulates the release of knotted muscles, increased circulation and immunity. 
Used in China for cold, flu, Detox)

Craniosacral Therapy $25 (15 minutes) 
MASSAGE with Amy½ HOUR $45 HOUR $70  
Private sessions with Sara 1 hour $80Medical Qigong 
(energetic medicine) In private room or Remote. 
Medical Qigong Practitioner Training Beginner Level - Ask Sara about program.

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