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Distance Healing With Sara
with Medical Qigong (energetic medicine).

What is distance or remote healing?

    Distance healing is an age old practice whereby healing energy is "sent" across time and space and is received and has a healing effect on the recipient. With this type of session, you do not have to be physically present with the healer to receive the healing. It may be done at a special time set aside and agreed upon between you and the practitioner.
  This type of healing is equally effective as an in person healing because in energetic healing therapy, we are working with the physical, emotional/mental and spiritual aspects of an individual by accessing the individual’s energy body. The energy body can be accessed easily from anywhere and at any time and does not require you to be physically present with the practitioner.
  Sara has been doing distance sessions for many years for people living in China, Africa, Mexico, US, Canada and Europe. The distance healing works in the same way as in person sessions, in that they effectively treat many common conditions. Feel free to contact Sara to ask questions or schedule a session.
Sessions are $65 USD and can be paid for through Paypal.
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