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Breath of Life

Sara Storm earned a Master Degree at the International Institute of Medical Qigong with Dr. Jerry Alan Johnson.
She went on to study the Medical Qigong, Energetic Medicine approach in Oncology in Houston, Texas, with Dr. Johnson.
Sara offers training in Medical Qigong please contact her

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Medical Qigong Certification Program 

Practitioner Training

Training to become a Medical Qigong Practitioner is a step-by-step process. Classes, workshops and experiences build on each other to help you to grow into the practitioner and healer that you would like to be. These classes are open to all those interested in Chinese energetic medicine and offer a multi-leveled certification program that integrates theory and practical application of Medical Qigong. Certification courses are taught in weekly classes and workshops.
There are no prerequisites for the introductory certification classes.
After completing 200 hours a Medical Qigong Practitioner (MQP) certificate will be issued to students who have successfully completed Medical Qigong 1-4, 128 academic hours and 72 hours of clinical internship.

Medical Qigong Practitioner (MQP)

The first course introduces students to medical qigong exercises. These exercises teach you to use the breath, mind and imagination (spirit) simultaneously. You learn to clear stagnant energy and negative emotions, to build and to regulate your energy. This course is designed for you learn to calm the mind and connect with your spirit.

In the second course, students learn about the protective energy field (wei qi), how to strengthen it and techniques to avoid absorbing Toxic Qi in the clinical environment. General treatment protocols for treating patients will be covered.

In the third course, students are introduced to theories and practice techniques. Purgation, tonification, regulation and cultivation techniques will be taught as well as exercises and meditations used for homework exercises in the medical qigong clinic.

In the fourth course, medical qigong students will be introduced to advanced theories and clinical modalities of internal organ treatment.
The exams will include written, oral and practical exams plus clinical competencies.
Intro to Medical Qigong Therapy
Intro to Medical Qigong Diagnosis and Treatments
Clinical foundations of Medical Qigong
Medical Qigong Treatment of Internal Organ Diseases and Prescription Exercises

Dao Yin Five Organ Exercises

A group of exercises designed to strengthen and harmonize the physical body and calm the mind. In doing these slow but dynamic movements, you learn how to integrate the body, mind and breath. These exercises are made up of purgation (clearing), tonification (strengthening) and regulation (balancing). When these are performed regularly, they strengthen the immune system, increase mental well-being and personal power.
Six Healing Sounds
The ancient Taoists developed a series of exercises combining breath, stretching and toning as a way to harmonize and strengthen the organ systems. For each organ there is a specific sound that vibrates it and this vibration breaks up stagnation such as held or unexpressed emotions. These exercises are easy and flexible and can be done as a group or separately to address a specific condition.
Wu Zang Meditation

(Energetic Protection Meditation for Clinicians)
Since ancient times in China, Medical Qigong doctors prepare themselves before treating a patient by doing an energetic protection meditation. This meditation called the Wu Zang is still practiced today in China by Medical Qigong doctors before entering the clinic.
This practice will teach you how to protect yourself against absorbing Toxic Qi.
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